What is in a Name

The Katana sword is the famed blade and distinguishing badge of the Samurai class of Japan, who originally were charged to faithfully manage and control their prefectures on behalf of their ruling lord and master. The word Samurai, literally translates as ‘to serve’

The Katana is known throughout the world for its beauty, unique form, its quality and the exquisite sharpness and incisiveness of its cutting edge approach. But these characteristics were only achieved through many years of experience by expert masters and through the careful, proven forging of unique techniques


Katana Consulting Aims to emulate these qualities through the unique expert service it provides and through the quality of its cutting edge, to the point, sales, marketing and business consultancy services

In Katana Consulting our Consultants have unique skills – in our case literally forged tempered and proven in Sheffield in the United Kingdom over many years